The CARING FUND welcomes donations at any time of the year. No amount is too small.

All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of your donation goes directly to project support. The Caring Fund is run entirely by volunteers. Everything - from mailings, to brochures, to this website - is made possible by generous volunteers who donate their time, services, and money.

Donations may be made in cash, or by check payable to “Caring Fund” or “The Caring Fund”. You may specify that your donation should either go into the General Fund or the Sharing Project Fund. Money in the General Fund will be used to supplement a Sharing Fund Project for which we do not reach our funding target.

Donations without a specified destination are automatically earmarked for the next or current Sharing Project, unless the donor specifically designates the General Fund as the beneficiary.

Up to one half of the balance in the General Fund may be used in any year for the Sharing Project, if donations for the Sharing Project do not reach the target amount.

Please place your donation into a collection basket at Mass, or mail it to:

The Caring Fund
St. Brendan the Navigator Parish
7 Union Street
Camden, ME 04843

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